Management system
Able abide by business ethics and legal requirements, the establishment of a comprehensive management system, in order to ensure that companies and employees of the business activities of the local outstanding corporate citizens.

Able management system includes internal management system, internal communication system, internal supervision system and disciplinary system, focusing on the environment, business ethics, product quality and supply chain areas.

Able provides that in the process of internal and external activities, Able employees should follow the honest and trustworthy, fair and equitable, in line with regulations, not for personal gain, interest avoidance and confidentiality of information and other basic criteria:
o Treat colleagues with equal respect;
o To treat customers should provide high-quality products and services as their responsibility;
o Treat suppliers honestly and justly for a win-win situation.

In addition, Able also requires employees to deal with government departments must be honest and accurate; prohibited in the name of the company or individual to any government officials, parties, etc. to provide or promise to provide funds or property in an attempt to influence its decision, Able Nor does it provide political contributions to any political party, even if the contribution complies with the laws of the host country.
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