OEM and processing

OEM Object:
= If you own a cosmetics company or a manufacturer, you own a variety of cosmetics, but you do not have high-quality mask related brand products, you want to launch their own brand of mask products, but you do not have this The formula or production equipment;
= If you have a chain beauty agencies, a large number of mask products every day, and would like to put their products on the brand;
= If you own an international trading company, you want to distribute mask products to the world, but you do not have production licenses and other related permits did not produce equipment and capacity;
= If you have a good cosmetic effect formula, and concluded that it will be used in the mask effect will be significant, but they can not produce a very good soft film powder base material (soft film base material).

And so on these cases, Able is your best choice.

OEM processing flow:
= Understand us: you can Able's Web site Able's business to conduct a comprehensive understanding and awareness;
= Contact Us: If you want to process a certain product, you can contact Able directly through a series of contact information.
= Request: You can tell Able your product requirements by sample, pictures (photos), text description, etc.;
=Custom samples: Able will be based on your request to develop a sample to meet your requirements;
= Acceptance of samples: When you receive the sample, please make a comprehensive observation and analysis to determine whether the sample will meet your wishes;
=Depth of negotiations: Now we began to negotiate a comprehensive, including product composition, appearance, packaging, graphic design, brand and product names, product descriptions and related information, payment, payment terms, mode of transport and so on a series of jobs;
= Sign a contract: After the negotiation, we sign the processing contract;
= Production process: Able will be in accordance with the requirements of the contract period to complete the whole process of product processing;
= Product acceptance: When you receive the Able products you also have to acceptance, to determine whether the processing of products in line with your request;
= After - sales service: Able will provide comprehensive after - sales service and technical advice;
In this case,

OEM processing conditions:
= Use of advanced computer ERP solutions, which involves business people, financial, material, production, supply, marketing, forecasting and other management work; strict control of procurement, inventory, sales, production, quality management; analysis of customer needs, Product formulations of computerized, customized scientific products quickly, the whole process of computerization, and so Able to become the industry's most powerful OEM.
Able has 28,500 square meters (43 acres) of modern production base, garden-style distribution, the air fresh, elegant environment; production process using automated computer-controlled equipment; and has a large area of 100,000 purification plant.
= Product quality management: products completely through the national light industry cosmetics detergent monitoring and testing, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration, the Beijing Municipal Control Center testing, supervision of the Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision, and so on, the products have free proof of global sales.
=Product Culture Communication Product Service Platform: Able has a Chinese portal and an English global station. Able also mask the portal site, gathered in the global mask products, business, news, papers, etc., as well as mask Forum, Mask Blog and other channel sections, is a comprehensive professional mask Web site. Has become a high-quality website for all consumers, mask lovers, cosmetics companies, cosmetics processing companies, cosmetics trading companies to provide a full range of services, it is your understanding of the mask and use the site.
Each Able product line has a number of processing lines, with superior processing capacity: soft film series Nissan 8 tons; crystal film series Nissan 4000-10000 tablets; essence of silk mask series Nissan 5000-10000 tablets. With the introduction of advanced equipment, reasonable scientific process and management of the implementation of management, and promote the continuous improvement of production capacity. In the export business Able had 10 days to complete the export of Russia's container crystal mask of a processing; 1 day to complete the export of South Korea's 1 container flexible soft membrane powder processing and so on.
=OEM processing cases cover almost 80% of China's beauty salons, well-known cosmetics brand in China, China's largest cosmetics chain, the world's top ten brands of cosmetics, the world's most powerful traders, etc., which accumulated a large number of business orders More than 5,000 cases, of which export business reached more than 30%.

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