Development process and achievements
Our past is brilliant, our future is excited!

= Self-agglutination of elastic material was born, the product's long history of dependence on imports from the end.

= Successfully developed camphor Kun (pharmaceutical intermediates, photosensitive initiator, currently only the United States and Germany can produce) 

= According to the needs of the business, set up the Beijing Able Guangzhou office, control of the South China market.

= First introduced in the domestic silk mask, whitening essence, compressed film

= National exclusive production of foam hand film, mask to the black paste.

= Skin US towel, Burkina inverted membrane, flexible hand film first to market. 

= Able Dental was established, fine alginate impression material disdain.

= Successful application of bio-collagen in cosmetic mask, developed a collagen mask (Crystal Mask) patented products, and put on the market;
= Introduction of crystal mask products: crystal face film, crystal eye mask, crystal eye bag film, crystal pleura;
= Able Dental launched a new enamel etching gel;
= Adapt to the SPA market demand, Able first launched SPA body membrane products.

= After a number of technical innovations launched after the new Crystal Mask series;
= The latest revolutionary mask carrier available, konjac mask base material as a perfect alternative to dominate the domestic and foreign markets;
= The use of konjac mask base material developed the world's first piece of extraordinary green surface film; surface film of the market structure of this change.
= Able Dental introduced a new imprint molding material mixer, this product to fill the gaps in China's own brand;
= Able Dental introduced a new resin light curing machine, this product to fill the gaps in China's own brand;
= Able Dental has introduced a mold cleaning agent, this product to fill the gaps in the domestic market

= Dental light curing resin

= White fungus mask available, completely breaking the current pattern of the world's carrier mask;

= Able cosmetics launched Cream series

= Able Dental Introduces New Binders
= Shanghai branch was established

= Able Dental launches new flowable resin
= Able Dental introduces new products
= Biomaterial ceramic repair technology
= Able Dental launches new anhydrite

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