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Beijing Able Institute of Biomaterials (ABLE) was established in 1995, is a high-tech research entities. Institute set research and development, production and sales as one. After several years of glorious growth, already has a strong R & D strength and modern production base, to scientific management, resulting in a continuous annual operating profitability, sales continued to plummet, a substantial increase in economic efficiency, products around the world.

With the spirit of "people-oriented, academic first", the institute has a number of international advanced research achievements and inventions, such as camphorquinone, EGA resin and self-curing elastic powder material. The self-curing powder material is used in the production of soft film products, not only the end of the product completely imported history, but a large number of exports to the United States, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore and other foreign markets, the Institute of continuous in-depth study Project, resulting in product innovation. China's beauty industry, the dental profession quite influential enterprises. Beauty products in life gradually stop the dominant position in the market at the same time invest a lot of money for medical cosmetic materials research and development, and achieved remarkable results.

Able since its inception has been engaged in the development of beauty mask raw materials and production. Is the country's largest soft membrane of professional production of one of the enterprises. Able beauty mask on the field of in-depth, with a wide range of mask types, the essence of advanced technology to master, to have in the industry, "the source of mask" in the world. Become the most influential Chinese beauty industry, one of the top 10 enterprises, but also deserved to become China's beauty industry leading enterprises and the Chinese mask the field of the pilot.
Company Profile
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